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There is an old saying about time. “It takes less time to do things right than to explain why you did it wrong.”

     We believe restoring an antique clock is more than a casual tinkering.  It requires a methodical process of disassembly, cleaning and reworking of worn parts such as pivots, pinions and bearings. It involves manufacturing of broken or missing parts, polishing, reassembly and finally testing and adjusting. Replacing  worn bearing holes with bushings is an art form in itself. It should be done  in such a  manner that will create a lasting friction free bearing and not deface the movement or compromise the integrity of the clock.

    My interest and love for clocks started when my wife Susan, an antique dealer bought antique clocks that needed to be worked on. My quest for knowledge of clocks lead me to read just about every book available on the subject of clock restoration and to meet and work with some very experienced old masters:  Herschel Burt, curator-clock restorer of the Willard Museum in Grafton Massachusetts, Harmon Hunt- master watchmaker and tower clock restorer,  from Hamilton Massachusetts & Island Falls, Maine and clock repairman Charles Hershey from Bangor, Maine. They helped open up the world of antique clocks and tower clocks to us. 

  In 1993 we built a building near our home in Winterport, Maine and opened up an antique shop and a full service clock shop. Since then we have sold, restored and repaired thousands of clocks as well as numerous tower clocks. I take pride in my work and never let a clock go until I am completely satisfied with the performance of the clock.  My dedication to my job and my customers has made our shop one of Maine’s most respected clock shops.
                       Peter & Susan Rioux

Experience restoring:
Early American clocks
Carriage clocks
Tower clocks - bells
Tall clocks
Shelf clocks
Wall regulators
Early American banjos
Mantle clocks
Ships clocks
Early European clocks
Fussee bracket clocks
Long case clocks
Conical clocks
Mystery clocks
Skeleton clocks
Atmos Clocks


Clock Services Include:

  • Repair and restoration of antique clocks
  • Complete movement overhaul
  • Fabrication of clock parts
  • Work on all antique American & European clocks including carriage and ships bell clocks
  • House calls for set up and servicing tall clocks for moving companies
  • Buying and selling antique clocks

We offer professional tower clock services to fit your needs and budget in Maine and New England.

Tower Clock Services Include:

  • Complete tower clock movement restoration
  • Bell & carillion restoration
  • Automatic winding installation and repair
  • Component manufacturing
  • Electrical systems update
  • Consulting and inspections
  • Project estimates
  • Yearly service contracts
Click here to view some of the Tower clocks and bells we have restored.
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